The New Tomorrow (EP) (Ltd. transp. red LP)

: Witherscape
: LP
: 08.12.2014
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The stunning new atmospheric and progressive dark metal outfit by Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath, Nightingale) presents its follow-up EP to 2013’s acclaimed “The Inheritance” debut album, which a.o. was voted “album of the month” in Rock Hard magazine (Germany). “The New Tomorrow” contains 5 unreleased songs: The brand-new title track, “Dead For Another Day” (an extension of the album’s “Dead For A Day” single) and 3 cover songs (Warrior, Kiss and Judas Priest). The CD version includes special vinyl-mix versions as bonus.

Titel The New Tomorrow (EP) (Ltd. transp. red LP)
Century Media Records

LP Side A
01. The New Tomorrow [Vinyl Mix] (04:42)
02. Defenders Of Creation [Vinyl Mix] (04:27)
03. A World Without Heroes [Vinyl Mix] (02:36)
LP Side B
01. Out In The Cold [Vinyl Mix] (06:35)
02. Dead For Another Day [Vinyl Mix] (04:40)