Choral vom Ende

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: CD
: 3/3/2017
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Punkrock meets melodic Hardcore! What used to be called Melody Core in the past usually comes from Sweden or the USA, but rarely from Germany. This is where the five-piece from Würzburg carved its niche, playing countless shows (supporting bands like Montreal or Sondaschule) and festivals including Punk im Pott or Bochum Total. Still, despite using German lyrics, STAATSPUNKROTT didn’t only play in their native Germany, as well as Austria and Switzerland, but also made a trip to Spain and even played the UK. “Choral vom Ende” marks the last chapter of their punkrock trilogy that started in 2011 with “Phoenix Effekt” and that was continued with “Nordost” in 2015. “Phoenix Effekt” represented the “destruction/new beginning”, the rising of the phoenix. “Nordost” was dealing with “departure” and showed the phoenix in his heydays. In 2017 the trilogy comes to an end. “It’s an album about ‘demise and ending’, the phoenix turning to ash again”, says the band. Yet again the band is touching upon personal topics and human relations, but they didn’t shy away from global issues such as the destructive exploitation of the Earth, the excessive consumption of goods or the refugee crisis. On the one hand it’s their most serious album, but on the other hand the songs and melodies are stronger and more anthemic.

Titel Choral vom Ende
Special Edition CD Digipak [CD]
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Disc 1
01. Richtung Horizont (03:20)
02. Monokel für zwei Augen (03:39)
03. Eis//Meer (02:35)
04. Umrissmensch (03:03)
05. K-Moll (01:21)
06. Choral vom Ende (03:19)
07. Herz in Hand (04:02)
08. #Apologet (04:04)
09. Vom Glück (03:47)
10. Hardest Goodbye (04:04)
11. Der letzte Salut (Nordost Pt. II) (03:29)
12. Socius (03:14)
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Choral vom Ende by Staatspunkrott Special Edition CD Digipak 3/3/2017
7,99 €
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