Mittelfinger für immer

Ltd. CD Digipak

: Rogers
: CD
: 3/8/2019
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ROGERS are dedicating their fourth album, „Mittelfinger für immer“, to a brought variety of topics that are close to the band’s heart: With their first single, „Zu spät (feat. Ingo Donot)“, the band is picking up a global phenomenon – our excessive capitalism and the war in the Middle East that resulted in the refugee crisis and ultimately in the unfortunate shift to the political right and conservative. “You can expect political and socio-critical songs, but also some slower and less heavy songs dealing with interpersonal themes – all garnered with a dose of punk rock”, says guitarist Nico. “We are really proud about the new album which serves as a statement: We are going to keep following through with our own way - no matter what hurdles we will have to overcome.” After an unforgettable summer playing renown festivals like Wacken Open Air or Deichbrand, and shows together with bands such as Bad Religion, Die Toten Hosen and Madsen ROGERS will embark on their own headlining tour in April of 2019 with support coming from Marathonmann and Engst. “We are already looking forward to playing the new songs and razing clubs to the ground together with our friends and fans!” „Mittelfinger für immer“ will be available in the following formats: Ltd. CD Digipak, LP+CD, Digital Album

Titel Mittelfinger für immer
Ltd. CD Digipak [CD]
Century Media Records

Disc 1
01. Einen letzten Abend (04:05)
02. Zu spät (feat. Ingo Donot) (03:49)
03. Mittelfinger für immer (04:02)
04. Schon okay (03:20)
05. Geh mir nicht mehr auf die Eier (02:51)
06. Wo immer du gerade bist (03:34)
07. Ganz nach Oben (02:47)
08. Hartes Leben (feat. Schmiddlfinga) (03:27)
09. Wo gehör ich hin (04:02)
10. Wer wirft den ersten Schein (03:21)
11. Weit weg (03:03)
12. Für dich (03:06)
13. Ich bleibe hier (04:02)
14. Es war nicht alles schlecht (feat. Matthi Nasty) (04:05)
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