The Sorrow And The Sound

: CD
: 6/16/2014
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“The Sorrow And The Sound”, the eagerly awaited follow up to 2012’s “Burning Sons” album, marks FEED THE RHINO’s debut on Century Media Records and proves to be too multi-dimensional for the hardcore scene, way too gritty and willing to burn the rule book to ever be considered a metal opus and far too inventive to ever be pigeonholed by punk. Combining the ruthless groove of Pantera, the sinister side of Deftones, the nasty streak of Gallows, a dose of classic Refused and their own unique aggression makes “The Sorrow And The Sound” a captivating and intense album that should quickly turn heads and promises to be one of this year’s absolute highlights in modern, harsh and heavy rock music.

Titel The Sorrow And The Sound
Feed The Rhino
Century Media Records

01. New Wave (02:55)
02. Give Up (02:45)
03. Behind The Pride (03:17)
04. Black Horse (03:56)
05. Finish The Game (03:29)
06. Revelation Not Revolution (04:42)
07. Set Sail For Treason (03:26)
08. Deny And Offend (03:02)
09. The Sorrow And The Sound (04:48)
10. Bright Side Of A Dark Ride (03:06)
11. Keep Your Purpose Hitman (02:49)
12. Another Requiem (03:00)