Die Reise zum Mittelmass der Erde

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: CD
: 1/29/2016
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Dusty streets, close air and the vast plains of the metropolitan prairie – right in the middle of everything: Alex Mofa. A young man in search of his own identity, lost in a world full of hope and loss, booze and the substantial issues of his generation. Somehow he manages to defy all hostile circumstances, sometimes jokingly, sometimes relying on nothing but irony. He stumbles, but manages to hobble and stay on his feet while never losing faith or forgetting to see the fun in what he is calling “Die Reise zum Mittelmaß der Erde” (meaning: “The Journey To The Mediocrity Of The Earth”). On his journey he is accompanied by his gang, the ALEX MOFA GANG. Their history so far is short and sweet: Like many gangs they came together on a long evening filled with smoke and booze. After returning home from their lives as sound engineer, tour manager, light tech, backliner and mercher longtime friends Tommy, Matze, Michi, Gregor and Sascha founded the ALEX MOFA GANG. Singer/guitarist and lyricist Sascha had drawers full of songs and demos which are the soundtrack to “Die Reise zum Mittelmaß der Erde” which works as the underlying story to every song on the album: a decade filled with loss, excess, hope and love, growing up and failing in some of the most basic things in life. After the selt-released “laut/leise” cassette and “Vorwort-EP” the band now presents its debut record that was produced by Florian Nowak at the Daily Hero Recordings (Itchy Poopzkid, Emil Bulls, Jennifer Rostock…). We are curious to learn where their journey is going to take them…

Titel Die Reise zum Mittelmass der Erde
Alex Mofa Gang
Ltd. CD Digipak [CD]
People Like You Records

Disc 1
01. Nimm die Beine in die Hand (03:35)
02. Paris! Berlin! Schwerin! (03:43)
03. Unser Haus (02:54)
04. Die Reise zum Mittelmaß der Erde (03:15)
05. Herz über Kopf (03:24)
06. Immer noch so jung (03:52)
07. Lieber ganz alleine (als immer einsam sein) (03:32)
08. Viel zu viel (03:43)
09. Wenn Du Dich umdrehst (03:12)
10. Nimm Deine Lügen mit (03:02)
11. Alles wie es war (02:47)
12. Bleibst Du (03:01)
13. Gardinengespräche (Epilog) (02:04)
15,99 €
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