The 25th Hour (Ltd. CD Edition)

: Terror
: CD
: 07.08.2015
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TERROR's last few albums regularly caused quite a stir within the hardcore community and perfectly summed up the band's sonic and lyrical call to arms. The band's newest album, "The 25th Hour" continues this tradition and honors the genre's roots and original spirit in the most intense fashion imaginable. Driving, slightly thrashing riffs meet with an inimitable crushing groove and the line “Fuck them all” (“Bad Signs”) can be understood as an aggressive message to everyone watering down the genre with overblown musical rubbish and whining lyrics. "The 25th Hour" is a bold statement: THIS is hardcore, fools!

The CD will be released as a limited edition mini gatefold replica, very nice!

Titel The 25th Hour (Ltd. CD Edition)
Century Media Records

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01. The 25th Hour (01:22)
02. No Time For Fools (01:34)
03. Bad Signs (01:11)
04. Feed The Rats (01:08)
05. The Solution (01:52)
06. Blinded By The Lights (02:28)
07. Trust No Face (01:04)
08. Why? (01:37)
09. Mind At War (01:30)
10. Snap (01:15)
11. Sick And Tired (01:08)
12. Life Goes On (02:22)
13. Both Of You (02:07)
14. Deep Rooted (02:05)
12,99 €
incl. 19,00% VAT excl. shipping costs
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