Augen auf

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: Rogers
: LP + CD
: 08.09.2017
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With the release of their debut album ”Flucht nach vorn“ in 2013 the four-piece from Düsseldorf turned into dedicated road dogs. After unleashing their latest album, “Nichts zu verlieren”, in the summer of 2015 they played tours with Jennifer Rostock, Sondaschule, Dritte Wahl or The Bones as well as countless festivals. Their first headlining tour together with Das Pack was sold out in several clubs and ended with a massive show at Zakk in Düsseldorf in front of approximately 1.000 people. At the same time they released a single featuring cover versions of “Mit dem Moped nach Madrid” and “Meine Soldaten” with the latter turning into a viral hit that already got close to 2 million views. September 2017 will see the release of their third album, “Augen auf”, after wrapping up more summer festivals. For the new album they worked with their longtime producer and friend Michael Czernicki, but also added Markus “Eki“ Schlichtherle (Callejon, Madsen and many more) to the creative team in the studio. The result is a modern punkrock album that is keeping a fresh edge while being highly melodic and accessible. After ROGERS already entered the German album charts with “Nichts zu verlieren” it is safe to say that they will make more noise with “Augen auf”.

Titel Augen auf
black LP+CD [LP + CD]
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Steh auf (black 7Inch) by Rogers 7 Inch Vinyl 02.02.2015
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